Childhood obesity has become an ongoing problem within the United States, but thanks to a Head Start program this problem is being addressed among pre-school children. Head Start has set in motion I Am Moving, I Am Learning (IMIL), a proactive approach for addressing childhood obesity in Head Start children. IMIL seeks to increase moderate to vigorous physical activity every day, improve the quality of movement activities intentionally planned and facilitated by adults, and promote healthy food choices every day. The program has been adopted in Fall River by Citizens for Citizens Head Start that serves over 400 children in the City. "We're stressing the importance of being healthy and active at the same time," says Education Specialist and Site Coordinator Cory Santos at the Aldrich Head Start Program. The program has also been supported by the Children In Balance program that operates in Fall River Public School grades 1-3 and also encourages movement and healthy eating. Click here for the video interview of Cory and to see the program in action. For more information, contact Site Coordinator Cory Santos at 508-324-7509.

(Top row) Education Specialist and Site Coordinator Cory Santos leads the children in some warm-up stretches before talking about an upcoming program featuring Dr. Seuss. (Middle row, left) Mr. Santos demonstrates how to take deep cleansing breaths following some exercises in which the children are asked to jump on one or both feet. (Middle row, right) Teaching assistant Debra Ferraro helps some of the children with the instructions. (Bottom row) After another round of jumping exercises, Mr. Santos suggests that the children could drink water or have a healthy snack of fruits or vegetables after they've been active.

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