The Fall River Children In Balance (CIB) program that is replicating the Shape Up Somerville childhood obesity prevention project held its third "Farmers' Market" event at the Watson Elementary School on October 17, 2009. Celebrating the school's garden project, the event featured fresh produce and a chance for parents and children to sample some recipes using garden vegetables. Parents and children were also invited to dance to the tune of the song "Y.M.C.A." in the hallways and to attend a community marketplace with displays by a dozen local agencies. Click here to see the  video of the event. Click to see photos of similar events at the Viveiros Elementary School and the Greene Elementary School. Children In Balance promotes Healthy Activity Active Time (HEAT) Clubs that are are run in twelve after-school programs.  For further information about the project, contact Project Manager Marcia Picard at 508-324-2228.


(Top row, left) John Krauzyk encourages his six-year-old son Joshua to dance to the song "Y.M.C.A." as his wife, Erin, watches from behind and Lou Almeida and her daughter dance behind them. (Top row, center and right) Children In Balance project director Marcia Picard chats with volunteers Christine Tofe, Virginia Gibney and Lori O'Neil at the registration table prior to joining the dancers. (Middle row, left) Wahdaliz Ramos encourages her five-year-old son Jayson to sample some of the dishes made with fresh garden vegetables. (Middle row, center) A display features some of the vegetables grown by the children in the school's garden. (Middle row, right) Watson School principal Nancy Martin-Bernier requests a dish of squash soup from Jessica Riccardi. (Bottom row, left and right) Melissa Cleaves first talks with Betty Nunes of the HealthFirst dental clinic and then visits the May Institute table with Janet Shartle.

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