Dr. Mary M. Flynn of the Miriam Hospital and Brown University in Providence shared her recommendations for how people can maintain a healthy weight during the holidays or any time of year. Dr. Flynn described the advantages of eating a plant-based diet and the benefits of olive oil to maintain satiety. Her book, Low Fat Lies and High Fat Frauds, outlined her approach to health eating ten years ago when low fat diets were universally recommended. "Now people are coming around to my point of view that healthy fats have to be part of a diet that people can stick with," she noted. To view three segments of Dr. Flynn's presentation on click here for Part I, and here for Part II, and here for Part III. For some recipes that Dr. Flynn recommends, go to the RI Community Food Bank Food For Thought recipes. The program was offered as part of the Fitness Challenge Warm-up that began in October and runs until December 12th to give former Challenge participants and the public an opportunity to improve their diet over the holidays. For more information about the Challenge, contact CD-REC at 508-679-2299.


(Top row) Healthy City coordinator Dr. David Weed introduces Dr. Flynn to those in attendance at the Heritage Park Visitors' Center. (Middle row) Joan Dermody of Fall River asks Dr. Flynn about the Mediterranean diet as Paulette Gagnon listens. (Bottom row, center) Dr. Flynn points out that research does not support the idea that people tend to gain a lot of weight over the holidays, but it is advisable to develop strategies to prevent overeating.

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