Mass in Motion is a state-wide initiative to combat obesity and the chronic diseases that result from overweight and lack of physical exercise. Mass in Motion is privately funded by the state’s largest insurance carriers. Grants were awarded to ten communities across the state and Fall River is one of only two communities to receive an implementation grant. Due to the work of Partners for a Healthier Community and the Healthy City Fall River initiative, Fall River has engaged residents in thinking about what makes a city healthy in the broadest terms. Mass In Motion seeks to create policy and improve the environment so that making healthy choices, such as walking or biking, are the easiest choices. Meridian Street was been chosen to highlight this initiative at a press conference held on September 17, 2009 because of the new sidewalks, bicycle lane and curbing added in the area -- all examples of environmental improvements that can foster physical activity in a healthy city -- earlier in the year. Click here for the Herald News article. For more information about the project, contact Mass In Motion coordinator Julie Kelly at 508-324-2411.  

(Top row) Mayor Robert Correia announces the award of a $120,000 two-year grant to the City to address policy, systems and environmental changes that will promote healthier activity in the City before Mass In Motion coordinator Julianne Kelly describes the many elements that will be addressed in the project. (Middle row) Director of Health and Human Services Henry Vaillancourt, M.D., is joined by Children In Balance project manager Marcia Picard and Healthy Lives coordinator Mike Ramos in applauding Harvard Community Healthcare Foundation Community Service Program Manager Michael Devlin whose organization contributed part of the funding for Mass In Motion. (Bottom row) Silvia Elementary School students Kiaralee Aponte, Kayln Sardinha, Makayla Hardy and Tyler Armstrong hold the Mass In Motion banner as they walk down Meridian Street, with it's bicycle striping and new sidewalks, on their way back to the school, over a mile and a half away.

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