Over thirty participants in the 2010 Fitness Challenge were able to pose questions to personal trainer Amy Jones, Biggest Loser participant Mark Kruger and chef Jessica Williams on January 27, 2010 as part of the Challenge activities. The free hour-long session is held every Wednesday during the 14-week Challenge at the Veterans' Memorial at 72 Bank Street. The Challenge is the third offered by the Diabetes Association, Inc. (DAI), Children In Balance, Community Development Recreation (CD-REC), the Fall River YMCA and Healthy Lives Fall River, The sessions are designed to teach principles of good nutrition, fitness and weight-loss to hundreds of participants. Click here for the video from the session.   Click here for links to all of the videos of past Challenge events. Call CD-REC at 508-679-0922 or go to for information about the Challenge. 


(Top row) Personal trainer Amy Jones directs questions at the start of the session to Mark Kruger of Dartmouth, MA, who was a second-place contestant on the NBC Television 2008 Biggest Loser program. (Middle row, left) Member of the 2009 Fitness Challenge winning team, Nykie Marzilli, describes some of her experiences to this year's group. (Middle row) 2008 Fitness Challenge men's winner Daryl Parrent listens as Mark advises participants on the psychology of weight loss. (Bottom row, right) Chef Jessica Williams responds to questions about the proper amount of salt in the diet and the importance of eating home-prepared foods. Listen to clips from the session on the video video from the session...

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