Fall River Mass In Motion (MIM), in collaboration with Healthy City Fall River and Children In Balance, is working to create new systems to support the development of community gardens, farmersí markets, parks and open spaces. The goal is to create sustainable systems that will improve the local food supply and create improved opportunities for active living. As part of a day-long series of events held on April 21, 2010, MIM hosted a luncheon at McGovern's Restaurant with members of  the Urban Land Protection Council and city officials in order to learn what can be done to leverage resources for parks and open spaces in urban environments. Council members from Groundwork Lawrence , Lowell Parks and Conservation Trust The Greater Worcester Land Trust and The Waltham Land Trust joined representatives of The Trustees of Reservations to share their experience and knowledge with Fall River city leaders. Guests from the luncheon were then invited to join several officials on a tour of Fall River's open spaces, bicycle routes and walking paths. A series of workshops was held at the end of the day.The event provided invaluable information and terrific connections that can be used to update the Open Space Plan and other projects in the future. To see a ten-minute video of the event, click here. For more information about the project, contact Mass In Motion coordinator Julie Kelly at 508-324-2411.  

(Top row, left) Heather McMann, Executive Director of Groundwork Lawrence, begins the presentation by describing the history of open space development in Lawrence, much of it consisting of reclamation of some of the City's industrial brownfields, turning some of them into community gardens and parks. (Top row, center) Jane Calvin, Executive Director, Lowell Parks and Land Trust , talks about their group has helped to develop open space resources in her City, including a white water rafting experience on the Concord River. (Top row, right) Colin Novick, Executive Director of The Greater Worcester Land Trust, details some of the struggles they encountered in maintaining the parks in that city with diminishing resources. (Middle row, left) Fall River Planning Director Jim Hartnett listens as Director of Parks and Recreation Nancy Smith details some of the challenges of maintaining 23 city parks and open spaces. (Middle row, center) Fall River Mass in Motion director Julianne Kelly moderates the discussion at the McGovern's Restaurant. (Middle row, right) Fall River Police Lt. Paul Bernier listens as Chief Daniel Racine talks about the importance of well-maintained parks. (Bottom row, left) Andrea Freeman, Director, Putnam Conservation Institute at The Trustees of Reservations , listens as Marc Rudnick, Waltham Land Trust Board Member, makes some suggestions on involving community volunteers to assist with park maintenance. (Bottom row, center) Fall River Office of Economic Development Executive Vice-president Kenneth Fiola asks for a standard by which to assess the appropriate number of parks for a given population. (Bottom row, right) Fall River Water Division Director of Administrative Services John Friar, City Grantwriter Jane DiBiasio, and Fall River Water Division Forester Mike Labossiere listen closely to the conversation.

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