October 2013 Inter-CHNA Gathering in Millbury

Representatives of eleven CHNAs (Community Health Network Areas) cross Massachusetts and two Department of Public Health representative gathered at the Millbury Public Library for a Roundtable meeting on April 3, 2014. This was a follow-up to the first Roundtable held on October 23, 2013 on the second day of the Ounce of Prevention Conference in Marlboro. Discussion focused on current funding through Determination of Need awards, thoughts about sustainability and sharing of resources across CHNAs, connections with local hospitals and health departments, and relationships with legislators and researchers. Special guests included Cathy O'Connor, who oversees connections between CHNAs and the Department of Public Health, Shelly Yarnie of the DPH Central Regional Office, and David Crowley, President and Founder of Social Capital Inc. who is focusing on community health in the coming  year. David is also an active member of CHNA 15, the NorthWest Suburban Health Alliance. Before the gathering ended, ideas were discussed for a next gathering in the fall of 2014 and participants displayed a quilt that was created on the theme of CHNAs that was recently completed at the Metrowest Regional InterCHNA meeting on March 20th during an exercise led by Emily Bhargava of Connection Lab. Click here for a 16-minute video of the meeting. For further information about the statewide Inter-CHNA organization, contact David Aronstein at 617-279-2240 , Clara Savage at  , or Wendy Garf-Lipp at 508-324-7900, Ext. 103.

(Top row, left) Stephanie Nikta from Metro West (CHNA 7) and Kym Williams from Blue Hills Community Health Alliance (CHNA 20) are greeted by Clara Savage of Common Pathways (CHNA 8) at the Millbury Library Meeting Room. (Top row, center) Boston Alliance for Community Health (CHNA 9) Coordinator David Aronstein chats with Eileen Dern of the North Suburban Health Alliance (CHNA 16) before the meeting begins. (Top row, right) Wendy Garf-Lipp of the Greater Fall River Partners for a Healthier Community (CHNA 25) chats with Stephanie just before starting the meeting. (Row two) Clara hands out agendas and David talks with Shelly Yarnie of the Department of Public Health Central Regional Office. (Row three) Eileen listens to an exchange among Beverly Costa-Ciavola of the Cape and Islands (CHNA 27), Frank Connelly of Cambridge/Somerville (CHNA 17), and Clara Savage. (Row four) David Aronstein listens as David Crowley of Social Capital Inc. talks about his involvement with CHNA 15, and Cathy O'Connor comments about the need to link with other statewide groups. (Bottom row) Cathy holds a quilt that was recently created on the theme of CHNAs at the Metrowest Regional InterCHNA meeting.

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