Residents of the Chor Bishop Eid Housing Complex on Quequechan Street in the Flint gathered on August 3, 2016 to enjoy a salad made of fresh  vegetables picked from the community garden minutes beforehand by resident Katie Goldman who oversees the garden. "It's wonderful to see people eating nutritious food that they had a hand in growing and without any expense to them," commented Goldman. The garden has been constructed with donations of wood, soil, compost and seeds from the Housing Authority, Partners for a Healthier Community, and other sources. Two raised beds were constructed two years ago with the help of now State Representative Carole Fiola and her husband, Ken, who did much of the original construction. The garden gives residents the opportunity to plant and raise their own fruits and vegetables, including beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions. The produce is shared among the residents of the complex, many of who are physically unable to work in the garden, and some is donated to community food pantries and soup kitchens. Click here for seven-minute video. Click here for photos of the garden dedication. For further information, contact Ms Goldman at 508-739-3391.

(Top row) Resident gardiner Katie Goldman holds up two types of garlic that she has raised in the garden along with a huge variety of vegetables and herbs. (Row two) Some ______________ melons grow from the bottom of pots hung along the fence along with lima beans and cucumbers. (Rows three and four) Residents including Pam Gammon, Maryann Levesque, Eleanor Costa, Lorraine DeGagne, Felix Montalban, and Albert Tetreault gather to enjoy a salad made from just-picked vegetables from the garden.

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