A new farmers' market opened at 45 Rock Street on August 9, 2016 in the lobby of Greater Fall River Re-Creation headquarters. Partners Market Manager Annemarie Holly was on hand to welcome shoppers along with Receptionist Gillian Martin as people enter the building. Produce from Skinny Dip Farm in Little Compton and others was available, including cucumbers, squash, cherry tomatoes, and onions offered at very reasonable prices. While quantities were limited, shoppers could use farmers' market coupons or SNAP benefits along with Partners Farmers' Market tokens. The Coupon Program for Elders is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources and coupons were made available to elders at least 60 years of age, who have limited income, through Bristol Elder Services, Inc. Other markets that accept the coupons are at Kennedy Park and Ruggles Park, as well as other markets around the state. The goals of the program are to encourage recipients to eat more locally-grown fresh fruits and vegetables, to promote more overall consumption of fresh produce, and to promote Massachusetts agriculture. Click here for a one-minute video about the market. For more information, contact Annemarie Holly at 508-679-0922.

(Top row) Partners Market Manager Annemarie Holly shows the small refrigerator that keeps the produce cold until it's sold. (Middle row) Greater Fall River Re-Creation Receptionist Gillian Martin is available from noon to 6:00 p.m. every weekday to accept payment for the produce. (Bottom row) Ms. Holly shows the produce to a customer who was impressed with the low prices.

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