Following a lot of planning, tree planting, and construction on the Sventh Street Community Garden, Bank Street Neighborhood Association President Natalie Melo invited people on August 8, 2016 to see the garden looks now that the plants are beginning to yield their crops. Sandy Peckham of the Citizens for Citizens Head Start Program on Maple Street and Neighborhood Association Treasurer Odete Costa joined Natalie as she looked over what was growing in the eight three foot by twelve foot raised beds in the newly designated gardening space. Each is equipped with automatic sprinklers set on a timer so no one has to be there to water the plants ans the beds are beginning to overflow with vegetables, including cherry tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers and eggplant, all of which gets donated either to the groups who work on the garden or to various food banks in the City. “It’s everything I always wanted,” stated Bank Street Neighborhood Association President, “and more!” she added. Greater Fall River Re-Creation Executive Director Grace Gerling oversees the project and assigns her own Youth Outreach Team to work on the garden each week. The project is a collaboration among the Bank Street, Niagara and Father Kelly Neighborhood Associations. Click here for a 90-second   video of the tour. For more information, contact Natalie Melo at 508-916-8596 or Grace Gerling at 508-679-0922.

(Top row) A variety of vegetables are growing very well in the raised beds, including a huge cabbage and lots of kale where they were planted by the Salvation Army, the Espirito Santos School and the Greater Fall River Re-Creation Youth Outreach Team. (Middle row) Sandy Peckham of the Citizens for Citizens Head Start Program on Maple Street, Bank Street Neighborhood Association Treasurer Odete Costa, and President Natalie Melo pose for a photo and talk about a classroom pergola that will be constructed to the left of the tractor behind them. (Bottom row) Two types of lettuce grow in two raised beds placed on pavement specifically for people who use wheelchairs.

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