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 What is a Healthy City?
• Characteristics
• WHO definition
• World-wide movement
How Healthy is Fall River?
• Demographics
• Assets
• Challenges

What is the city's vision?
• Visioning
• Recommendations
• Voting

Healthy City By Design
• Keynote Speaker
• Summit Highlights
• Policy and Environment Change
Five Action Plan Strategies
Safety and ATOD Control
• Recreation and Fitness
• Food Supply and Nutrition
• Educational and Medical Policies
• Build Environment and Advocacy
Design Team functions
• Communication
• Education
• Evaluation

Healthy City Fall River is a collaboration between the Fall River Health and Human Services Department and Partners for a Healthier Community, Inc., the local Community Health Network Area (CHNA) organized by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) to establish a working partnership between DPH and area residents to improve the health status of all those who live or work in the CHNA. Partners for a Healthier Community, Inc., supported in part by DPH linkage funds.

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