Healthy City

Projects that seek to effect Policy and Environment Changes
(Updated December 2011; click here for the 2010 version)

Goal One:  Safety & Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug (ATOD) Control

  1. Reduce the likelihood that adolescents will become involved in youth violence and gang activity through an aggressive program of education, diversion and engaging them in alternative healthy activities through suppression, prevention and intervention; provision of opportunities and community mobilization,  as well as:

·         Anti-bullying policies and education in the Fall River Schools

·         Youth violence prevention and intervention through the Fall River Shannon Community Safety Initiative and Safe and Successful Youth Initiative

·         Coordination of violence prevention and peace initiatives. such as violence prevention week,  the Peace By Piece Summit, and National Night Out

  1. Reduce lifetime substance abuse and the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (ATOD) among youth and adults through comprehensive individual, family and environmental strategies.
  2. Ban all tobacco sales in pharmacies and sales of single cigars through local ordinances.
  3. Increase interventions with smokers through health systems improvements to ensure smokers are advised to quit at every visit.
  4. Provide systematic education about tobacco and smoking cessation to children in public schools.
  5. Plan and deliver a “Before You Light Up, Look Down” campaign to reduce second-hand smoke exposure to children

Peace by Peace Summit United Neighbors of Fall River Teens Against Drug Abuse City Council Presentation B.O.L.D. Coalition & Teens Against Drug Abuse  

Goal Two:  Recreation & Fitness
  1. Develop a robust city-wide, year-around youth recreation and adult fitness system that ensures access to at least 2,000 City residents below 200% of poverty
  2. Create and support a sustainable Safe-Routes-to-School system to support walking on the part of 80% of elementary, middle and high school students in public and private schools
  3. Advocate for CDA, PARC/LAND and other funding to improve playgrounds in City parks; work for private funding to improve park recreational facilities.
  4. Develop a community-wide wellness center that can house a number of health and wellness programs in an accessible location.
  5. Develop city-wide bicycle repair system to encourage young riders

  6. Plan, fund and construct a Family Resource and Community Center to serve the entire community


Fall River Fitness Challenge Community Development Recreation,
Diabetes Association, Inc. Fall River YMCA  General Fitness, Healthy City Fall River
Park Improvements Announced Fall River Park Advocates Facebook Page

Goal Three:  Food Supply & Nutrition  

  1. Create and support ten school-based and twelve community-based vegetable gardens that involve youth and adults in heart-healthy activity and provide nutritious produce to homeless and low-income populations
  2. Create opportunities for the public to learn basic cooking skills through cable television programming and live cooking demonstrations
  3. Provide incentives or resources to farmers to enable the utilization of EBT cards at multiple locations throughout the city (“veggie mobiles”).
  4. Provide opportunities for healthy food procurement among large local employers
  5. Provide multi-language marketing of new Women, Infants and Children (WIC) food package contents, availability of fresh produce city-wide and counter-marketing to oppose sugary beverages and high calorie fast foods and increase breastfeeding through provision of social support.
  6. Further expand Healthy Dining program to additional restaurants city-wide with the addition of children's menu guidelines and standardization of application procedure, create a guide to Healthy Neighborhood Markets, and promote the use of  the Guide to Healthy Meetings and Events in local organizations and worksites.

Bristol Community College Garden Fall River Housing Authority Garden at Doolan Apartments EBT Token Sales at the Downtown Farmers Market Fall River Farmers' Markets

Goal Four: Educational, Worksite & Medical Policies

  1. Activate and develop the public school's wellness policy to ensure that 100% of nutrition and physical fitness guidelines are implemented in daily practice system-wide by 2012.
  2. Establish linkages between physical fitness providers and physician practice offices to permit physicians to verify participation in physical activity for their patients between visits.

·         Create and distribute prescription pads for non-pharmaceutical interventions

·         Work with Fall River endocrinologists to connect patients with the Fitness Challenge and other fitness and nutrition programs in the City  

·         Encourage prescribed exercise and nutrition instead of/in addition to medications

  1. Teach and parctice Brief Negotiated Interview techniques to medical practice personnel in hospital emergency departments.
  2. Support workplace wellness programs at a minimum of ten larger places of employment, including city government sites (School Dept., Fire/Police, Dept. of Public Works & Government Center), Blount Fine Foods, Family Services Association, People Inc, Southcoast Hospitals, Duro Finishing, Lightolier, and the YMCA) and a minimum of 15 smaller worksites.
  3. Explore wellness policy development and implementation with local unions through collaboration with the Coalition of Social Justice

October Walk to School Day School Wellness Policy Worksite Wellness Conference Southcoast Worksite Health and Wellness Collaborative

Goal Five: 
Physical Environment & Advocacy

  1. Modify built environment planning and construction standards to ensure active living environments in 100% of new built environments city-wide by 2014 by  
    • Establishing Health Impact Assessment guidelines for the City.
    • Placing bicycle routes and racks throughout the city integrated with a new bus station
    • Develop and construct the Gateway City Quequechan River project
  1. Create a citizen-led advocacy network of over 500 people capable of supporting the development of new urban parks, pathways and open space to meet current and future active living needs.
  2. Stimulate  and support advocacy for public transit service improvements and increased access.
  3. Develop cohesive plan for access to and education about the Bioreserve as a recreation area.
  4. Develop a walkability audit, safe bike and walking map for the city, and create a sidewalk construction policy

New Bike Route Proposed Fall River Planning Department Adopt A Park Workshop Fall River Mass In Motion Project

Overall Accomplishments To-Date

  1. Organized Partners into an effective assessment, planning, organizing, operational and evaluative operation with four full-time staff operating year-round

  2. Decreased tobacco use by 14% over 10 years and youth tobacco use to statewide average (18%)

  3. Banned tobacco sales in pharmacies city-wide

  4. Incorporated smoking assessments and cessation referrals into all hospital admissions

  5. Educated middle school children on tobacco as part of a cardiac prevention program

  6. Eliminated drug paraphernalia sales as legal products

  7. Passed a Social Host ordinance making adults responsible for underage drinking in their homes and Responsible Beverage Server (21 Proof) mandated training program

  8. Created a Youth Master Plan and Leadership Council to involve youth in decision-making

  9. Reduced teen violence by 37% in four years as well as gang activity

  10. Doubled outreach to youth and tripled educational (GED) and human services through Youth Court, YouthBuild and new substance abuse and mental health partners

  11. Provided four weeks of teen relations violence training

  12. Recruited 163 youth to the Safe & Successful program, enrolled 119, found employment for 58, trained 48 in GED, and referred 27 to human service agencies

  13. Created a City-wide Youth Clean Crew that assists DPW with clean-up, snow shoveling, & repairs

  14. Increased the number of youth involved in anti-violence activity

  15. Created a Youth Bill of Rights and increased youth involvement in government

  16. Increased youth and adult physical activity in schools, parks and worksites, including 100% participation(4000+ students) in walk-to-school events and enrolled over 800 each of the past five years in an annual city-wide Fitness Challenge and nutrition education program

  17. Created a capital campaign to construct a new educational center at the YMCA

  18. Worked with the American Heart Association to designate 11 walking routes throughout the City and distributed over 5,000 route maps and calorie calculators

  19. Planned, funded and constructed two new playground, funded a third, and funded a new park (Highland)

  20. Created a Bicycle Commission and appointed positions

  21. Developed plans for a Southcoast Bikeway and a Scholarship City route connecting eight schools

  22. Improved school nutrition system-wide including the elimination of soda sales

  23. Created a year round sugar-free beverage campaign targeted and youth and adults

  24. Supported the development of community gardens and school gardens

  25. Established a veggie-mobile operation bringing local produce to low-income housing residents

  26. Completed nine episodes of “Look Who’s Cooking?’, now available “on-demand” on cable tv

  27. Created a regional food policy network and a local hunger (food security) network

  28. Added a third farmers’ markets and a winter market and added EBT sales of tokens for SNAP benefit recipients and debit and credit card access to the markets

  29. Taught healthy cooking skills community-wide on cable television and at farmers’ markets

  30. Designated over 40 healthy restaurants and neighborhood markets city-wide

  31. Launched a worksite wellness initiative with a particular emphasis on small businesses

  32. Surveyed mental health and substance abuse treatment needs  and provided for rapid referrals

  33. City purchased 12 street sweepers and a road striping machine and hired staff to operate them

  34. Increased funding for park improvements and created plans for future improvements

  35. Striped bicycle lanes and planned for new trails for both bicycle and pedestrian use

  36. Conducted a Health Impact Assessment training and the first project assessment

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