The Tufts University’s “Children In Balance” (CIB) program has been operating  HEAT (Healthy Eating Active Time) Clubs in all nine of Fall River's elementary schools throughout the 208-2009 school year. HEAT Clubs are designed to to improve eating habits and increase physical activity levels by presenting sixteen lessons on various aspects of food choices and the importance of choosing activity rather than screen time. Staff\from the University of Massachusetts Extension Nutrition Education Program provide the forty-five minutes sessions in each of the first through third elementary school classrooms. The program is helping to operationalize many aspects of the Fall River School's Wellness Plan. HEAT Clubs are also provided in twelve after-school programs throughout the City. Click here to see photos of one of the CIB teacher training sessions and here to see photos of the food service employees training. Click here to see some of the school cafeteria meals. Click here for a video of the classes. For further information about the project, contact Project Manager Marcia Picard at 508-324-2228.


(Top row, left and center) Students at the Greene Elementary School pay close attention as nutrition educator Louan Tavares of the University of Massachusetts Extension Nutrition Education Program asks them to name some of their favorite foods. (Top row, right, and middle row) Nutrition educator Kimberly Sporkmann leads children at the Watson Elementary School in the HEAT Club cheer in which they spell out "HEAT CLUB" in hand gestures as a physical exercise before working at their desks on one of the exercises. (Bottom row) Nutrition educator Louan Tavares leads children at the Watson School in their HEAT Club cheer and other exercises designed to provide physical activity in the classroom.

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